Laser Scanning Robot Dog

Laser Scanning Robot Dog

We do a lot of laser scans for our heavy industry clients. Some of them are in not so great environments – think dust, heat, moving equipment etc.

I came across this story yesterday and thought what a great idea!

Boston Dynamics “Spot” with Laser scanner mounted on his back.

Its amazing the different ways new technology will keep us safer and increase our productivity at the same time.

Imagine setting this unit up to scan your construction site overnight when there were no workers on site? The results then automatically updated to your 3D model for tracking progress. You arrive the next morning and have a model showing what has been installed over the past few days, as well as any inconsistencies that need to be reviewed.

Or what about sending it into a gaseous area to find where a leak is coming from. Remote operators could review the live feed showing gas concentrations along with the video feed and could find a leak without putting any person in danger.

These and other units are still being developed, but it won’t be long until we start seeing them pop up on our plants I think.