We have just completed another job for a client utilising 3D laser scanning.

Our client has a large flange that they need to replace, but the flange is more than 30 years old, and there are no reliable drawings. To add to that, the shutdown window to replace the unit that the flange is part of is only a couple of days.

The first plan was to get a blank flange, do a dummy install, match mark all the holes, then send off site to get drilled, then back to site and install again. All this to happen during the shutdown!

We proposed a different option – do a 3D laser scan of the existing installation to verify the location of all the flange bolts (over 200 of them!).
The 3D scanner set up on site

In order to capture all of the bolt locations, we needed to set up in 10 different locations around the flange, but the whole job was completed in under 5 hours on site.

The scans were all registered, then a drawing created that can be used for drilling the new flange.
A great result – the time and effort saved by not having to do a dummy install inside a critical shutdown is huge!

Where could you use 3D laser scanning to save time or measure some hard to reach areas?