At Nebo, we do a lot of 3D laser scanning for our clients.
The main reason we normally get involved is that it is the quickest way to measure lots of data in a short amount of time, while at the same time having confidence that the data is accurate. A shutdown window is the perfect example of this – you only get one chance to get the info you need!

Another advantage that people often don’t think about is that laser scanning is actually a much safer option. More often than not, we are measuring areas that are difficult to reach. Normally, this would mean scaffolds, EWP’s and other forms of access at heights. While these are all suitable solutions, as per the risk minimisation hierarchy in place in most companies these days – the safest option is to eliminate the risk. Laser scanning can do just this! The guys can set up on the ground and shoot areas as far as 30 metres away. Safer – and cheaper!

See below for a recent job we completed for one of our clients.
Leveraging 3D Laser Scanning for a Quicker and Safer Result.

If you want to discuss how we might be able to save some time or money on your site using laser scanning, contact us or click here to book a meeting.