Project Management

NEBO Will Select The Right Engineers and Project Management Professionals To Get Your Project Completed On-Time and On-Budget WITHOUT The Typical Hand Holding Or Baby-Sitting Overhead!

Let’s face it – you’re a Project Manager, not a babysitter!

Partnering up with an incapable crew is a disaster in the making. One person ‘stuffs up’ and YOU get all the blame, late hour calls and angry finger pointing.

That’s what happens when you assume the role of a ‘carer’ to your project team!

When you’re managing a site of twenty, fifty or more guys it’s easy for things to slip out of control. Someone is always going to spit the dummy or create some other mess.

The worst part?

The Theory Of Constraints (TOC) states that every system, no matter how well it performs, has its “weakest link.” So, all you need is just one ‘bad apple’ for your whole team to suffer!

That’s why you need to choose your team carefully.

    Project Requirements

    Partner up with Nebo –we’ll deliver the right people for your next job!

    Our engineers are heavy industry project specialists.

    We will help you build a high-performance technical team to get your project completed on-time and on-budget and in a professional manner.

    The SECRET to our success is that we work WITH the people that we’ll put in place for your project. We hate wannabes and pretenders just as much as you do. We know that partnering up with the right people is a job half done. So, while all our engineers have the right skills and technical abilities and hands-on experience, they bring what has become scarce these days – the right attitude.

    Attitude is key. It’s the difference between completing your project on time and on budget without all the aggravation, stress and risk of one bad apple that spoils it all.

    Imagine, waking up each morning ready to face the day knowing your team is ready to face the day’s challenges with a positive attitude.